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About Milcom industrial

Our Legacy in Aviation

Since our inception in 2012, Milcom Aerospace has been a key distributor of aircraft parts for military and commercial sectors. With over a decade in the industry, we’ve maintained a strong focus on quality and integrity, offering an extensive range of parts for aircraft like the C130, F-16, CASA, Cessna, Boeing, Beechcraft, and Bell Helicopter. Our commitment to quality is evident in our transparent approach to part certification and condition.

Innovation and Global Reach

Milcom Aerospace is more than just a parts seller; we’re constantly adapting to meet our clients’ evolving needs. Our expertise includes handling special orders and complying with international shipping regulations. Looking ahead, we’re focused on expanding our services to stay at the forefront of the aviation industry, continuously enhancing our offerings to meet global demands.

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Over a Decade of Excellence in Aircraft Parts

Fueling Your Flight Operations

Browse our extensive inventory of aircraft parts. Whether you’re servicing a military fleet or commercial airliners, Milcom is your trusted partner in sourcing the right components.

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