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324843-0010 Bose A20 Aviation Headset



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    A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

    • Designed to deliver significantly better noise reduction in even louder environments
    • Bluetooth® mobile phone connectivity (depending on version)
    • Flexible power system - Optional power adapter connects to conventional jack
    • 12V or 2 AA alkaline batteries powering options, TSO'd for battery use
    • Provides greater comfort and stability, with more room for your ears
    • Reduces more noise & provides greater comfort than previous models
    • Auxiliary audio input for GPS and other devices
    • Meets or exceeds all FAA and JAA TSO requirements
    • Advanced electronics now use dual microphones - both inside & outside each earcup to sense & reduce more ambient sound
    • Improved ear cushion technology with acoustic memory foam and silicon gel
    • Headset profile is more compact for stability, with enlarged earcup cavity
    • Solid magnesium headband is durable and lightweight
    • Headset weights 12 ounces
    • Exerts significantly less clamping force than most active headsets
    • Redesigned control module includes auxiliary audio input with Intercom/AUX priority switching
    • Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity to receive wireless calls while wearing the headset (suggested for ground use only)
    • Enhanced EMI protection helps minimize interference from the mobile phone
    • Smart power control - power system includes smart shutoff feature that helps provide at least 45 hours of use from 2 AA alkaline batteries
    • With installed version, the smart power control intelligently switches from aircraft power to battery power as needed